Pre-planning Your Arrangements

Today, almost half of the burial space purchases made in Catholic cemeteries are made before a death occurs, referred to as pre-need.


The benefits of pre planning are many. At Mt. Calvary & Gethsemani Catholic Cemeteries, a pre-need burial space selection may be made calmly, responsibly, economically and prudently - with a low down payment and interest-free monthly financing. A 5% discount is also available to our families when pre-purchasing any cemetery property. These purchases are made directly at one of our cemetery offices. The counselors at Mt. Calvary & Gethsemani Catholic Cemeteries offer you their cemetery knowledge and expertise to make an educated interment selection from one of the many options available.


Most pre-planned purchases can be made under a payment plan. Payment plans are without interest or carrying charges, so families generally find it more economical to use our payment plan rather than to withdraw from savings. Monthly payments are extended over reasonable lengths of time.


Once families have purchased their Right of Interment in a designated space, many choose to also prepay all remaining cemetery requirements in advance. For example: interment and administration fees, granite grave markers, mausoleum and cremation memorialization, outer burial containers, and in-ground flower vases. All of these items can be selected by means of our pre-paid and price-guaranteed cemetery trust program. The program allows you to select only those goods and services you want, prevents the possibility of emotional "overspending", and removes the financial burden from those responsible for your arrangements at the time of need.