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Gethsemani Funeral Home is Church owned and operated. Our ministry is one of the Corporal Works of Mercy, to bury the dead. We are dedicated to providing guidance and support to our Catholic community members in planning a funeral for themselves or a loved one.


By design, our funeral home has modestly sized facilities. Our chapel will accommodate small gatherings of family and friends for both visitations and vigil services. We always encourage Catholic families to involve their parish community when celebrating the Catholic funeral rite. Generally, a Funeral Mass for any deceased member of the Catholic Church is to be celebrated in their parish.

​Our convenient location, just a few miles southwest of Willamette National Cemetery, allows us to serve our Catholic veterans more effectively. The spiritually inspired mid-century modern decor of our facilities provides an environment that will bring peace and comfort to both the Catholic and the non-Catholic members of your family.

Our full-service funeral home has on-site crematory, refrigeration and embalming facilities; therefore, your loved will not leave our care while we work with you, your parish and the cemetery in carrying out this important ministry. 

Photographs of Gethsemani Funeral Home by Pete Eckhert

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