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Find a Loved One - Cemetery Online Mapping

If you are looking for your loved one's grave, you can search from any web browser anywhere in the world and see their exact location, see link below.

If you are visiting our grounds, please take a FIND A LOVED ONE Using Your Smartphone instruction sheet located at either of our office entrances. The instructions will guide you step by step on how to use your smartphone to locate your loved one in our cemetery.

Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery FIND A LOVED ONE - Using a Smartphone pdf 

Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery FIND A LOVED ONE - Using a Smartphone pdf 


This cloud based mapping system allows you to:

Easily find a loved one's location - type their name in the Deceased Name search box

Place digital markers on the online map to identify a grave - or multiple graves

See an overview of the entire cemetery - you can pinch zoom in/out

Identify property that is available for purchase - available property appears in white

Find a Loved One at Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery

Find a Loved One at  Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery

Host a VIRTUAL Parish Funeral Planning Presentation

Mt. Calvary & Gethsemani Catholic Funeral Services has implemented a free and informative outreach program, the Parish Funeral Planning Presentation, aimed at assisting and educating our Catholic families on the wisdom and value of pre-planning both funeral and burial arrangements.


This free program involves a short presentation at your parish aimed at informing the faithful  on the Catholic teachings regarding funeral arrangements as well as the workbook, Now and at the Hour of Our Death, that helps Catholic families start the conversation on pre-planning both the spiritual and the practical aspects of a funeral.

If your parish or Catholic organization is interested in hosting a funeral services pre-planning presentation, please contact our office for more details or call Priscilla Rodriguez, Outreach & Special Projects Coordinator at 503-292-6621.

Read Bishop Peter Smith's letter encouraging you to take advantage of this program.

Honor a Saint and Your Loved One

Saint Signage Sponsorship Program


The lawn sections at Mt. Calvary and Gethsemani were historically named using letters and numbers. The naming practices were changed in the early 90’s, and new sections in our Catholic Cemeteries were more aptly named after saints. The use of saint names is more personal and memorable for the families served by your Catholic Cemeteries. 

Your Catholic Cemeteries are renaming each of our older sections after a saint and developing signage identifying each section. We are hoping that as many as 40 granite signs will be erected on our grounds.

To help offset the costs, we have developed a unique way for you to contribute. While any level of donation is greatly appreciated, a contribution of $750 brings full sponsorship of a section sign and we will add an inscription “In Memory of ” your loved on the back side of the sign. Since we are a non-profit organization, these donations may be tax deductible.

If you are interested, please contact the appropriate office, Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery 503-292-6621 or Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery 503-659-1350.


Please keep in mind that there are a limited number of signs in each section so the opportunity to sponsor a sign will be on a first–come, first-served basis.

"The rules for funerals changed fast in March...While the limits feel harsh, funerals around the world in recent months have been “super-spreader” events, setting off raging numbers of coronavirus infections. The best-known example in the United States was in Albany, Georgia. At the beginning of April, that southern state had only 5,400 cases of COVID-19. Health officials said they believed a quarter of those cases could be traced to two funerals in Albany, a city about the size of Medford. At the time, that outbreak was the nation’s fourth worst per capita."


An excerpt from "Mourning alone".

Catholic Sentinel coverage of funeral services during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


"The names of hundreds of Catholic faithful who have died in the past year flashed onto the screen after a Memorial Day Mass livestreamed from St. Mary Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception May 25.


Usually on Memorial Day, Archbishop Alexander Sample and Bishop Peter Smith travel to the two Catholic cemeteries in the Portland area for Masses. This year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, a single liturgy on Facebook live drew thousands of viewers."

An excerpt from "They lived the teaching of Jesus".

Catholic Sentinel coverage of this years annual Memorial Day Mass. 


History of Mt. Calvary and Gethsemani

The History of Mt. Calvary & Gethsemani Catholic Cemeteries is available as a PDF.  

Read Our History

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