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Monday, May 31, 2021

Most Rev. Alexander Sample, Celebrant

St. Mary's Cathedral

200 IN-Person Limit Capacity

Commemoration of fallen soldiers dates back further than the Civil War. However, it was during that conflict that a national day of commemoration was decreed solely for the soldiers who died during that battle. It remained so for 50 years, until the entry of the United States into World War I, when the holiday was expanded to include those killed in all wars. In the 1970’s, the commemoration of fallen soldiers became a Federal Holiday, now known as Memorial Day.

For cemeteries nationwide, Memorial Day weekend has evolved into the most visited time of year. A time when families visit & decorate the graves of all loved ones, not just of those who have died in war.

A brief history of Memorial Day helps bring clarity to a holiday often confused with either the day to visit ALL loved ones laid to rest at a cemetery, or the beginning of summer.

As Catholics we understand the value of honoring our dead. On November 2nd of each year, All Souls’ Day, we commemorate all the faithfully departed when we gather at our cemeteries & parishes. As a Holy Day of Obligation, we gather for Mass to honor the faithful who have gone before us to their eternal rest.

For over a century we have gathered at one or both of our cemeteries to celebrate Memorial Day Mass. Although not a Holy Day of Obligation, we gather to honor those who have sacrificed their lives in war. Unfortunately, again in 2021, we will not be offering Mass onsite at our cemeteries due to the size of our indoor facilities. Throughout this pandemic our primary concern remains keeping us all safe. Yet we remain hopeful.

Praise Jesus, based on the new social distancing protocols we will be able to celebrate our Memorial Day Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, both in person (first 200 attendees) and via livestream. May God grant that we soon gather again for Mass on the consecrated grounds of our cemeteries, a true statement of our faith and our belief in the Resurrection. 

Your Catholic Cemeteries & Funeral Home staff want to take this opportunity to thank all the families we have served for their patience, prayers, and understanding. You have provided us with great hope and inspiration.