Cremation Interment Options & Pricing

Many Catholics still have reservations surrounding cremation. However, when following certain guidelines, cremation is accepted by the Catholic Church (Catholics & Cremations). Acceptable means of final disposition for cremated remains include cremation graves, indoor or outdoor niches, specialty cremation areas, and placement in a grave or crypt with a family member (additional right of interment fee required). Options that are not accepted by the church include the scattering of cremated remains, the co-mingling of the remains of several individuals, keeping the remains at home and/or dividing the remains.

In-Ground Cremation Graves

In-ground cremation graves are usually the same width as a normal or standard grave, but are half of the length of a standard casket grave, allowing for the use of a single marker.

The cost for cremation graves varies by type, location and number of interments per space - we allow up to four interments per space with the purchase of  the appropriate Additional Rights of Interment.

Prices range from $850 to $3,200 for a single cremation grave and from $1,400 to $3,800 for a double cremation grave.


Specialty Cremation Areas

Specialty cremation areas include benches, family estate columbariums, garden niches, planter box niches. For  those families wanting something unique, custom options are also available.



Niches are above-ground spaces designed for the placement of urns and are often built in walls or structures know as columbariums.

Both Mt. Calvary & Gethsemani Catholic Cemeteries offer a variety of niche options - our columbariums for example, are placed in areas that offer unique settings and convenient visitation access.

At our Mt. Calvary location, we offer indoor niche options, which provide protection from the outside elements.

Prices for single niches range from $300 to $3,800 and from $400 to $5,800 for double niches.

Unit 2 & 3 Garden Niches at Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery

In-Ground Cremation Interment 

Specialty Cremation Area at Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery

Cremation and Traditional Burial in the Same Family — Creating a Family Plot

Often times, one family member will choose cremation while another will choose a traditional burial, these interments are easily accommodated at both of our cemeteries. Cremated remains can usually be placed in a single casket grave or a single casket crypt along with a casket interment.


Mt. Calvary & Gethsemani Catholic Cemeteries allow up to four interments to be placed in a single grave, allowing only one of those interments to be a full size casket burial. Additional interments of cremated remains are allowed in a single grave but will require payment of an Additional Right of Interment fee of $900 for each, plus the appropriate Administration and Interment fees and if applicable the cost of Memorialization and Outer Burial Containers.


Placement in a Family Member's Grave or Mausoleum Crypt

Family members may have their cremated remains placed in a grave or crypt purchased or previously owned by another family member. However, placement requires permission from the appropriate surviving relatives or original owner of the space and payment of an Additional Right of Interment fee.

In some circumstances, this may be more economical than purchasing a separate interment space.

The Additional Right of Interment fee is $900. This fee only pays for an additional right to be buried in a particular space and does not cover the appropriate Administration and Interment fees and if applicable the cost of Memorialization and Outer Burial Containers.

This option often allows families to be interred together and in some cases, an urn can be placed with a previously deceased family member, provided the cemetery receives permission (signed cemetery forms) from all of the appropriate parties.

If you are considering this option, some restrictions do apply, so we urge you to make an appointment at the appropriate cemetery office to discuss your requirements and options.