Cemetery Fees & Requirements

Administration & Interment Fees

Often referred to as "Opening & Closing" costs, these fees include: a graveside or chapel Committal Service, regulatory fees paid by the cemetery, staff time, office overhead and record filing fees.


Interments are Monday- Friday between the hours of 9:00am - 2:30pm (must conclude by 3pm)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Saturday Services are currently not available.

Interment fees by type:

Casket Ground Burial - $625

Casket Entombment (Crypt Interment) - $325

Cremation Ground Burial - $250

Cremation Niche Interment - $200

Administrative Fee (standard fee for all/any interments) - $450

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Saturday Services are currently not available.

Memorialization Pricing

Memorialization options and pricing will vary with the type of property. Some general information is provided below. Your cemetery counselors are trained to help you select both standard and custom designs that are personalized and cost effective.


Flat, standard 30" x 18" single markers (headstones) start at $950

and go up depending upon the color of granite selected and the size of the headstone.

Flat, double 48" x 18" markers are sized to cover two side by side graves with prices starting at $1,900.


Prices include lettering, standard designs, and marker setting.

Custom artwork design is available for an additional fee.


Upright markers can only be placed on graves designated as monument graves. Two side by side graves must be owned in this designated section, to accommodate an upright stone.

Prices are quoted on an individual basis.

Other options include Half & Full Ledger granite markers that cover half or the entire grave. Prices start at $2,850 for a Half Ledger and $4,500 for a Full Ledger.

For more information on granite markers please see the page our FAQ's on Decorations & Memorialization.

Niche & Mausoleum Options

Depending upon the location in our cemeteries, memorialization for niches and crypts may be either a sandblasted inscription on a granite niche shutter or a hand poured bronze name bar.


Prices for niche memorialization range from $450 to $550.


Prices for crypt memorialization range from $575 to $800.

Outer Burial Container Requirements

Each in-ground interment has a unique outer burial container option and is required at both Mt. Calvary & Gethsemani Catholic Cemeteries.

Casket Ground Outer Burial Containers

Mt. Calvary & Gethsemani Catholic Cemeteries require caskets to be placed in an outer burial container to avoid the ground settling over time due to air space in caskets.


Concrete Grave Liners - $750 are the simplest outer burial containers and they meet our minimum requirement - see image below.

Concrete Vaults are plastic-lined, reinforced concrete containers that help protect the casket from elements found in-ground.

Vault prices start at $1,250 - scroll through the images below to see an example of a Monticello Vault and a diagram of a vault.

Funeral homes also sell outer burial containers and you can purchase them from any source as long as they meet our requirements. Please keep in mind that the cemeteries purchase vaults and liners in large quantities from the manufacturers, and unlike some suppliers, we can set them in place with our own staff and equipment. This usually means a cost savings for the families we serve.


Outer burial containers are not required, or used in either our St. Francis Green Burial Section or in our mausoleums.

Cremation Ground Burial Containers

Mt. Calvary & Gethsemani Catholic Cemeteries require that all cremated remains interred in the ground must be in a retrievable plastic or concrete outer burial container. There are two options for in ground cremation burials: cremation liners or urn vaults. If an urn made of metal, wood, glass or ceramic is chosen for interment, a plastic or concrete cremation liner designated by a manufacturer for ground burial will be required for that urn.

Urn vaults, a combination urn/outer burial container, can also be used since these are designed to be placed directly into the ground and are generally aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for a Funeral Mass. A Plastic Cremation Liner  (only available in white) costs $150, while urn-vaults range in price from $235 to $600. Below are the four different options we offer at our cemeteries.