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Overlooking the west hills at Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery

Mt. Calvary & Gethsemani Catholic Cemeteries are a Statement of Faith. As we have gathered in our churches to celebrate the Death of the Lord until He comes again, so our departed dear ones are gathered in our cemeteries to await the Lord. The chapels, statues, and monuments in our Catholic Cemeteries give evidence to our faith.


The Archdiocese maintains three Archdiocesan cemeteries that are intended to provide sacred burial grounds for members of parishes who do not have access to a parish cemetery. Your three Archdiocesan Cemeteries are Church owned and operated and are lovingly and carefully maintained by long-term staff committed to serving the faithful with a consecrated place of burial.


Parish cemeteries, located on Catholic Church grounds within the Archdiocese of Portland, have long been a tradition in the Catholic Church. While your Catholic Cemetery staff do not manage parish cemeteries directly, part of our mission is to provide support and assistance to local parish cemeteries.




Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery

333 SW Skyline Blvd

 Portland, Oregon 97221

Fax  (503) 292-6622



Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery is the largest of the three Archdiocesan cemeteries within the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. Located in the west hills of Portland, Mt. Calvary boasts spectacular views to the North, East and West including the Columbia River, Cascade mountains and the coast range. Just five minutes from downtown Portland, Mt. Calvary is located in a convenient, yet surprisingly secluded area of the city.


Established in 1888, Mt. Calvary offers a rich tradition in service to Catholic families within the Portland area. Mt. Calvary also maintains a variety of ground burial options, to include green burial, as well as cremation and mausoleum options over its 100+ acres.


Panoramic views at Mt. Calvary expand in all directions, a worthy site for contemplation, prayer and commitment to the faith.

Mt. Calvary Cemetery maps provide accurate directions directly to your loved ones location

and are updated daily. 

Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery Sign 1
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Our Lady of Lavang 1 Flight into Egypt
Gethsemani Chapel 1
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Happy Valley

Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery

11666 SE Stevens Rd.

Happy Valley, Oregon 97086


Fax (503) 659-9429



Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery's facilities include a chapel, mausoleum crypts, ground burial sites, and cremation niches.


Since 1961, families on the eastside of Portland have been entrusting their loved ones to this sacred space. Gethsemani is located near the Clackamas Town Center area.

Gethsemani Funeral Home, the first Archdiocesan owned & operated funeral home in Oregon, opened in 2017 and is located on the grounds of Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery. 

Gethsemani Cemetery maps provide accurate directions directly to your loved ones location

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Walking  directions may suggest a route outside cemetery grounds. 

Please  stay within the cemetery boundaries to locate a loved one.

Mt. Calvary Eugene sign_edited


Mt. Calvary

220 Crest Drive

Eugene, Oregon 97405


Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Eugene dates back to December 23, 1889, when Peter & Cecilia Erz donated three acres of land to St. Mary Catholic Church.


Mt. Calvary's facilities include a chapel, ground burial sites and a cremation columbarium. It is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Lane County, and while it is predominantly a Catholic Facility, a portion of the cemetery is open to all faiths. Mt. Calvary Cemetery is located in the south hills of Eugene and affords a quiet forested setting with large fir and cedar trees, a variety of wildlife and beautiful views of Coburg Hills to the North and Spencer Butte to the South.


Mt. Calvary is owned by the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon and is managed by Musgrove Cemetery Management, a caring, family-run business which exists with the sole intent of serving Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Eugene families.



Mt. Calvary Cemetery EUGENE maps provide accurate directions directly to your loved ones location

and are updated daily.